Doco Time: Monster Bug Wars fucking sucks

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If you come from a land down under, you may have watched this new Summer show called Monster Bug War.

I like the straight to the point title. This show is about Bugs ripping into each other. Animals fighting each other is pretty cool. And it’s hosted by one of my favourite presenters from science show Catalyst; Paul Willis. So what could go wrong?

A lot.

Firstly, a lot has been said about the annoying as fuck sound effects. If we want to watch animals fights, we should watch it as it is. Imagine a video of two mongrels biting into each other and someone edited in lightsaber effects. But nope, there’s like a scene of a Beetle moaning like a cow as Ants rip into it.

The concept itself has been too Xtrem-ised for my liking. The dog eat dog world of the animal world is interesting enough and I have never liked programs that try to string a story or meaning out of nothing.

I remember watching a documentary on Channel Ten that I came to hate called Meerkat Manor. In short script, it turned the life of Meerkats into a 20th century soap opera. Similarly, this show tries to describe every jump, bite and crawl in military terms.

Perhaps as a clear sign of how we should ‘stay far away from this tv program,’ there’s only two obligatory experts for this show.

Other Comments: A quick google search led to a discovery that the show is most likely based off a similar American show. Well, that could explain why it sucked so much. My 1st Rule of Comedy is ‘Never copy another man’s act to the cue’.