Honey, I’m still watching Kids’ Shows

I still like Kids shows. Not unbearably kiddie shows but shows aimed at male boys with just enough action to keep me hooked. There was a point in everyone’s lives when they decided to put move pass those shows. But I have still not and most likely will not. And it’s always amusing to see what kind of toys they are trying to sell to kids today since you know most of these shows are more or less about ads for mercs. I’m damn proud that Bandai has managed to revive Beyblades. That was the shits when I was a kid and our school managed to keep it off the ban list. I’m not so proud of the Bakugan phenomenon which reminds me of Dungeon Dice Monsters. Only cause I’m disappointed it never took off like the Card Game did. So what are they trying to sell to kids today?



Started airing today on Channel Seven, Home of Home and Away and X Factor. At first I thought this was a Japanese anime but it turns out it was a Japanese-American collaboration. The toy itself was thought up by some guy who used to work at the American Toy company mattel.


The story is about these gigantic animals powered by crystal energy…and they fight one another. Awesome. Second best part of Animal Documentaries is watching two males go toe-to-toe with each other, usually over a female they want to mate with. Best part of animal documentaries would be the great stories. A cub is born into the world, goes on a long trek, loses his mother, barely survives an attack by the Predators but manages to stay with the herd and continue to the breeding ground. Sadly, we never get to see the Real Heroes; the Predators eat the poor, defenceless cub. Damn.


Back to Monsuno. What I got from the plot was that there’s this guy named Chase Suno and he finds out that his dad was the one who created these crystal monsters. He gets his own Crystal beast friend, and is now on and adventure to fight other animals. There’s also two organisations that are fighting over something. Alright, it’s a vague description but bear with me. I came back from work and found this show when 10 minutes of it was already over. Some evil organisation, who we know is obviously evil because we don’t see their faces and they are spying on the MC. And there is the Company with Benevolent Intentions whom Chase’s dad used to work for. And we know they aren’t very good either because they are being run by a woman…with ze German accent. Those damn Secret Nazi corporations should stay away from my work on giant monsters who live in a test tube!


Initially I thought this was a poor dub by Americans. Turns out it was aired first in America. So does this mean I water down or fire up with the dub bashing? Other then the Evil German, there’s also the Nerdy Friend. He sounds so fucking whiny. He reminds me of the dubbed Joe Kido. Lord, I wanted to punch Joe’s face in every time I saw him in Digimon. There’s a high chance that these voices could end up pissing me off. And one thing I noticed that still hasn’t changed from the kids’ shows I used to watch. They keep finding ways of getting swear words pass the censor. The main character Chase has a bad habit of saying ‘oh crag’ when he’s in a bad situation.


The Big Appeal: Animals with crystals stuck on them; bite into each other for our amusement. If you like Dialga’s design, you will like the Monsuno designs.

Can we sell toys?: I just don’t get the Toys. They look like crag. So there’s a cylinder which you have to spin and out pops the crystal beast. Admittedly that looks pretty cool but based on the commercial I watched, it seems to be a two player game. How do you win? Compare this with Beyblades. The point of the spinning top game was to smack your opponent out of the ring. Here, the toy seems as fun as pulling a string on a doll and listening to it sing. It might be amusing but it’ll get boring after hearing the same song every time.


The Show itself: Might watch it again only because it ended on a thriller.