The Finale for Master Chef

Tonight’s the finale of Master Chef Australia. After weeks of cooking, cooking and more cooking we have reached the last episode. Thanks in no amount to the curse of real life, I never got to start watching the show until only 12 contestants were left. I’m thankful that until the 2nd or 3rd there was no wild card where previously eliminated contestants were brought back. But at the same time, the show could have done without it’s more ridiculous challenges. Imagine a kitchen the size of a small room, pack 4 people in it (with equipment) and ask them to cook for 400 hungry Italians.

My favourite contestant was Wade and he’s just recently been eliminated. He’s the stoic baldy of the group. While I would have like him to be still standing, unfortunately it was not to be.

So here are the final 3 cooking off tonight

Andy: 23 Year old Electrician. Notable for being the only bloke still in it. Has a good record going into the finale having cooked the best dish for 3 consecutive weeks. It’s hard to describe his cooking cause he’s not a meat guy only. Not to mention I didn’t really pay too much attention to him until he was the only guy left.

Julia: 24 year old legal secretary. This year’s dessert queen. Has a chance of winning if she stays calm and cooks up beautifully. I can remember her not being very comfortable with meat dishes.

Audra: Mid-age Asian Mum. Cooks Asian dishes full of flavour. The judges at this point will be wanting more and definitely she has the capability to cook complex dishes with different techniques and flavours.

Verdict: If we judge sports by who has the best form then Andy would win tonight. But I remember a couple of years ago when the Dragons who had finished at 1st place in the NRL comp never got to the Grand Finals after a bumbled Finals series. Nonetheless I place my bets on Andy.