10 Places the girls should have visited while in London

So after much delay, I will finally be watching the K-On Movie. Will it suck? There’s a high chance that it will. I always found the filler, original episodes to be the least funny. 4-panelled gag comics are easy to write but there’s not much to animate or turn into a meaty story. They are the manga equivalent of a 5 minute comedy clip uploaded onto youtube so I don’t have high hopes on turning K-On into a successful movie.

Am I watching it because I like K-On? Well fuck yes!

Am I looking forward to the music? Got all the songs on my phone so what do you think?

Do I know anything about London or England? Only that it got bombed in WW2, was once the capital of the largest Empire and was, is and always will be home to the Royal Family. I know enough about the joint to have a good expectation of where I would go if I ever visit London. Here’s a list of 10 places I hope they visit.

1. Buckingham Palace- Can’t leave England without visiting the Royal Family

2. Westminster Abbey- If I ever go to London, I’ll be visiting this place and paying a flower at the grave of Darwin and Newton. Has to be a fake flower though. Bloody allergies. I’m sure the K-On Girls have an interest in the history of great academics.

3. Millennium Wheel- Built in 2000, it has now become an iconic part of London. And what better way to absorb all the sites of London?

4. Nelson column- Once upon a time, a crazy little man named Napoleon had big ideas about sticking his boot into every European nation and spreading French wine everywhere. A certain Admiral Nelson thought otherwise about sharing French cheese with his favourite Sunday Roast. At the Battle of Trafalgar, Nelson sent the French and their Spanish allies scuttling home or resting at the bottom of the sea. The British Fleet at the time was regarded as one of the best in the world. Probably the best ever in British history and that deserved some admirations. Maybe a scene like Yui looks up towards the column and starts singing ‘I vow to thee my country’ and then everyone joins in to sing it while waving British flags, wearing the Union Jack and then the camera pans to a old man with tears in his eyes.

Ahem. Sadly, Nelson died in battle and despite his final wishes; his wife and daughter died in poverty. Fucking bastards.

5. Thames Barrier: I think this is suppose to block the flood waters. I just want to see it in the movie because it was shown in Torchwood and Doctor Who

6. Gherkin Building: You may remember this building from the opening scene of Half-Blood Prince, where the Death Eaters were smoke apparating and causing a muck in downtown London. Possibly another place to take in the city. If they let tourists go to the top floor that is.

7. Imperial War Museum: Britain still has it’s glorious military past (from a purely military point of view) to admire and it’s jam packed in one place here.

8. RAF Museum: And one of their more recent glorious military fights was the Battle of Britain. Go here to pay respect for the Few and just get a feel for what it was like to be in the RAF during WWII and the Cold War

9. Twickenham Stoop: FOR THE SPORTS but not fucking soccer. Nope but the Second Greatest Sports in the World; Rugby League. There should be a match around December and there should be some at least one Aussie import playing. World needs to know more about this Great Sport

10. London Olympic Park: The Anime timeline sometimes implies that it’s set in the same year as we currently are. Very well. Keionbu should AT LEAST be able visit the construction sites.

And that’s it. The top 10 tourist destination according to yours truly. They should have visited these places, should they not?
Edit: At least they went up Millennium Wheel.


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