Fan Letter of Appreciation to Todd Greenburg

Today’s the big day; the Rugby League Grand Final. 17 Melbourne players and 17 Bulldogs player kick off at 5pm to decide who wins the Trophy. And mate, what a year it has been. One of my favourite teams; the Canterbury Bulldogs are playing off for the grand prize- the Telstra Premiership. Last year, they didn’t even make the finals and this year, mate what a year this has been. We reached the final, top of the table and Grand Finalist. The media has been giving all the credit to our coach Des Hasler who moved out west from the shithouse beaches of UnManly. While on the topic of UnManly Sea Eagles, props to our opponents the afternoon the distinguished Melbourne Storm. Even though I hope you walk away with only the feeling of coming second, I’d take this chance to raise a glass. A glass for putting that UnManly Shit Eagles in their place. Cheers.


Des Hasler has done more then his fair share. He’s taken our team, shaked it up and turned them into Champions. Take the story of Krisnan Inu. He was going no-where at his old club. But then Des took him in and now he’s become our valuable 2 point goalkicker. They would say that the revival started in 2012. But no, I’d say it started earlier then that with the signing of our new CEO Todd Greenburg.


It wouldn’t be a far stretch to say I have a mancrush on that bloke. He is a dedicated professional of sports administration. He had the right vision and more importantly he brought that vision to our club.


When asked for his thoughts on the Bulldogs, he said that he wanted it to be a family club. For a long time the Bulldogs, my Bulldogs hasn’t been that. It’s been the side for grubs, scumbag and drunken idiots. Several players were in the news for getting too pissed on a Friday night and doing stupid shits. Yes, there were individuals to look up who didn’t get pissed as a skunk but it still hurt to see a player who wore the jersey on the weekend, disgrace himself publicly when not playing.


When Todd became the CEO. He changed that forever. One player who drunk too much for his own good was instantly suspended forever. He drew the line and he acted decisively. The Dogs were no longer going to be the club everyone knew for the wrong reasons. Another cleaned up his act and played some of the best Footy he ever had in 2009. (Sadly, he went to one of our Western rivals and his form has hit the shits but hey what can you do?) From there, things were going up at Canterbury. A new coach, fresh blood and we finished 2nd out of 16. Sadly, the Dogs didn’t get to the GF in 2009 and for the next two years, they didn’t make the finals. The old coach Kevin Moore was sacked and once again Todd made the right decision at the right time. After hearing that Manly Coach Des Hasler was coming off his contract, he swooped in like a true eagle and made him a offer that I guess he couldn’t refuse. And much to the madness of the UnManly supporters, Des Hasler became our Coach. He wasn’t suppose to be there until 2013 but thanks to boardroom politics and Todd’s business savvy, we got him on board in 2012. And the results?


Well they’re in the Grand Final so what do you think?


So I raise a toast to Toddy and the Bulldogs.


No matter who wins tonight, this has been a great year for the Bulldogs Rugby League Club. Todd has restored our pride, the team and he’s shown that a Rugby League Team can be a winner without surrounding itself with drunken idiots.


Here’s to you Mr Greenburg and Mr Des Hasler.


You fucking legends.


Sognano italiano senza gramatica e legibilita


Buongiorno. Questa e un nuovo entry nei I miei blog di scrivo tutto non senza expertismo. Nel celebrazione di Giappone recognito Italia senza stereotypico—eh ho scrivito un dedica

e sentimenale entry sulla nuova anime La Storia della Arcana Famiglia. Guardare questo anime e difficile. Ma capire la mia Italia e difficilissima! Tutti sentimenale, ho bisogno violentare la lingua italia. Onegai! Accete il mio violazione.

Chi e Arcana Famiglia? Arcana Famiglia e un anime concernato un mafia ma non hanno estorcere I residenti locali. Questa ‘mafia’ ti chiami Arcana Famiglia perche ti fatto I poteri con relazione al Tarot. Anche protecti I residenti locali ma non fare per denaro. Il episodo primo e un introduzione per le charracterierie. E primo e il ragazzo con bianco neri. Ti chiamo…Liberta? Liberty? Freiheit? Buffiamo! Ho credo I genti del ragazzo e Americano. Anche abbiamo un’uomo ho credo e Tuscano ti chiami Debito…Grecia! Ripagi il debito!

Il problemo primo e la nome. Molto buffiamo! Liberta! Debito! Nova! Jolly! L’Autore bisogno ha imparare usare Google. Ma e un peccato che non ho scrivito nessuno Italia. La nome e molto penoso. Ma la mia Italia e davvero penoso! Okay. La charracteria main lei si chiama Felicita. Felicity. Mi piace la nome e comprare I nome di ragazzi. Durante la lotta con pirato? Pirato v La Mafia?

Dopo un ass-kicking, la audienza abbiamo capisciamo la storia della Arcana Famiglia. La Papa di Felicita Mondo voler fare qcsa ricompensa il victore did Arcana Duello con un matrimonio a Felicita. Naturalmente, Felicita ti dispiace quella idea. Adesso e un principio del un mafia anime senza piu violenza. Un mondo Coppola bisogno guardare.

Other Commento: Un adviso. Prima guarde Arcana Famiglia, guarde un televisione realistico con criminale. Ho recommendato Breaking Bad.

What’s on the Box?

Airing: ABC3, our resident kiddies channel

Kaitangata Switch: Another show airing on the Kiddies Channel; ABC3 and it’s from our friendly (loser) neighbours to the East, New Zealand. I thought the only thing they could import were sheeps, funny accents and a Rugby League Team for Slater to practice try-scoring. Well, I was wrong. Turns out that tv exists over there.

The story of the series seems to be about a Maori Girl who has weird dreams of an evil island where a cannibal spirit lurks. So this Old Man who everyone thinks is crazy has to train her to control the dreams. There was also a sub-plot about a unwanted contractor, Maori Girl successfully winning the swim, her single mother’s unwanted fling with an old friend AND one of the protesters against the land development has a male admirer who can’t quite spit it out. I’ll pause for a second to let you wrap your mind around that textfuck, go grab a coffee or something.

Is the pain gone?

It seems that some things still don’t change. Part of the reason I never liked children’s drama even when I was younger was because of all the plot and I mean that literally. It’s like the execs had written down a bunch of things kid would like on pieces of papers, threw them onto a table (and after a long meeting that got no-where) decided to just take all of them and chop up a story. I never liked Degrassi for that reason but at least it was episodic and dealt with one teen angst issue at a time.

Airing: Channel 10. Notable for broadcasting Neighbours and screwing up with Torchwood season 1.

I Will Survive: Call me unpatriotic but I have never watched Priscilla. I never even knew that we were famous for cross-dressers of the outback. And I’m inferring that a anniversary is on the horizon because that can be the only reason for this meta reality tv about 12 ‘Ordinary Aussie Blokes taken out to the outback to find the next Triple Threat- Singing, Acting, Dancing’. Oh yeah and there’s cross-dressing.

But that’s not my biggest beef with this. My biggest beef is that there’s a Hi-5 Guy on this show. Are the execs retarded or do they just not care? The Hi-5 Guy has sung and sated kiddie tantrums for years making the jobs of millions of Aussie Parents easier. He’s done the dance, he’s sung the tunes. Questionable means of making a living aside, he’s pretty much a pro performer and this is arguably a competition for amateurs. Next thing you’ll know is that we’ll have Elton Fucking John as a contestant on the X Factor. Oh yeah and it must be a Reality TV bloom because next…

Airing: Channel 10

Everybody Dance Now: When it comes to music, I’m living under the proverbial rock and it’s graffiti’d with hiragana and kanji so I don’t know who Jason or Kelly are. But they sound American. We really that sad that we can’t hire our own hip hop/dance guys? Or is this like the Biggest Loser Australia where these Yanks hang around until we can dredge some local talent?

Alright so these two Yanks train a bunch of dancers and they dance off against each other on rounds. Then the in studio audience would vote for their favourite performer who then goes through. I only watched a bit of this during the ad break because I don’t like dancing and I also don’t like it for the same reason I don’t like The Voice. Just before the voting, both our Yank Team Leaders throw a speech to convince the audience to give their team the tick. And just like the Voice, they spew shit for the audience to gobble. ‘Vote for my team, because they can get better’ ‘Vote for my team, didn’t their dance just look good?’

Airing: SBS, a channel dedicated to Soccer, Boobs, Soccer and some ethnic diversity

Destination Flavour: Talk about celebrity. We got the 2nd season winner of Master Chef Australia, the Maths Girl from Letters and Numbers and the Nutritionist. Show follows our three compatriots as every week they travel around the country to sample the freshest produce. It reminds me of Catalysts which sees our presenters travelling around Australia and the world to report on scientific research only without a transition.

This show could have used a pause button. Or maybe a theme? They go from Melbourne for smoking to New South Wales for olive oil sorbet and down to Victoria for a Apple tart tatin. And being a fan of Letters and Numbers, an Australian game show about wordplay and mathematics until it was cancelled by certain dickheads, I was a little disappointed by Maths Girl Lily Serna’s role in this show. I fell in love with her because of her awesome maths-solving skills. And here she just samples food and praises worship on farmers.

It’s good that it seems like she’s enjoying herself but she’s a doer not an admirer. Let’s see her whip out her 1 big pot and start cooking up a precious childhood dish that Gary and Matt from Master Chef Australia cry big syrupy tears over.

Other Thoughts: Suffice to say, criticising Destination Flavour for being without a underlying theme would also apply to this blog. I can’t imagine not giving up blogging either anime or tv. So I will continue with this jack of all trades approach because writing is a hobby, hobbies are fun and fun things are fun. If I’m still around for two years and there is an audience who follows me, I’ll either have a diverse group to circlejerk with or be the master of none and nothing. Other option is to make a new blog but nah.

Inside the Kremlin Walls, I heard 5 girls calling.



What I expected: Comedy that would be completely unfunny with some rare chuckles

What I got: It’s actually getting funnier then I expected.

Joshiraku 1: We’re introduced to the five main characters. Marii, Tetora, Kigurumi, Gankyou and Sadako? Random discussions ensure on dogs and cats

Joshiraku 2: The Girls discuss the lottery followed by visiting Tokyo Tower. Damn, that’s one tall tower.

Joshiraku 3: Marii-a somehow seduces girls. Ki-Rumi teaches us how girls should sit. Afterwards, they ride a train through the city.

Joshiraku 4: Gannie abuses Mariia

Joshiraku 5: Sadako is depressed and the girls try to cheer her up. Mariia throws a fit over crepes.

5 episodes before I write? It’s a luckier number that’s why.

Keeping the premise short, this is about Comedians having a conversation backstage. I’m amazed I persisted with this. For the first two episodes I only understood perhaps 30% of the jokes. If we think of Anime as a business model aimed at Japanese audiences first and sticks a finger to the rest of us who don’t live on a four island archipelago, then this should be the textbook example

It’s been well-explained by Vale how Joshiraku would not be understood by anyone unless you live in Japan. For the first two episodes, I only understood maybe 30% of the jokes and the puns. Thank fuck that I know Chinese and Japanese History otherwise my humour to comprehension bar would be at 10%. This is a show with Japanese puns and references about Japanese history, pop culture, politics, buildings and references to the performing arts.

Out of all the characters, I would like Marii the best but mainly because of the voice acting. Ayane Sakura is a newcomer and she’s doing great as a boyish character. There was one joke spun about how Kigu was just putting up an act of being the archetypical cute idiot. And Sadako brings a nice touch of black comedy with her mild depression. I’d imagine this is how she is how I will be in 10 years’ time so yeah.

But I’m noticing that the show is giving me more chuckles with every episode. Like a nervous amateur doing his first stand up on a Friday Night, the show is getting progressively funnier once it got into a routine. I guess part of the reason could be that there is a lot more mainstream humour. The first episode joked about misplacing a stroke in a character and changing your meaning completely. By the 3rd, we had Tets- Can I call her Tets? Tets is the same nickname for Sydney-based chef Tetsuya and getting rid of the ‘s’ just brings up unwanted images of the Tet Offensive. Getting back on topic, 3rd episode had a comedy routing about Tets’ obscene luck and yuri-spinnable jokes with Mariia and the 5th relied on tried and tested reference-dropping. Maybe the show is being dumbed down a bit? Maybe someone flew a big Clue Missile over to JC Staff? Whatever it is, it’s probably for the better since I wasn’t raised up in Tokyo.

I wondered why I stuck by a show I don’t understand. But I saw potential in this because of that ‘Gibe back joke’. For some people nationalism just ain’t funny. Down at the Beer Hall, ultra-nationalists do hang out there who range from hilariously stupid to the kind you’d like to see piss off for being a dumbass. And for me, land claims are one of those moments where nationalists are hilariously stupid. The hilariously stupid ones, they’re the ones who hurl 5th grade insults at each other on Youtube over historical or imagined torts, pull stunts like swimming for rock awareness, get asspained when a Russian President makes a tweet and niggling, always niggling one another.

But mud-slinging over clay aside, I also stuck by it for the celebrity factor. SZS was the anime that 09ers love and this was his newest work. My second reason which I’ll repeat again is that, I had some knowledge of Japanese history and politics so that helped me. Those rocks? They’re called the Kuriles. The Soviets manage to acquire them from Japan, thanks in small part to the Americans who donated surplus landing ships to the Red Ass Kicker.

And finally I love the anime for that architecture. Staring at neat, slick buildings has been one of my minor interests ever since engineering shows began broadcasting on my TV. Every week, the Girls visit a different part of Tokyo just so Production can practice painting background and reading English tourist maps. It’s lovely just to see huge towers like the Tokyo Tower in Anime or find out about another place I should visit in Tokyo before I die.

So in short, watch Joshiraku but keep wikipedia open.

Other comments: In episode 4, Marii-a makes a huge fuss over all the flavours at the crepe store and criticises the store for taking a mere crepe and doing something whacked out and bizarre. Let’s get this straight. Cooking isn’t about rules. Those recipe books are more of a guideline. It’s not about flavours not working but whether it’s a complement. Just the other day, I made a Milo and grated cheese grilled toast and believe it or not that tasted damn delicious. And hell, if Marii makes such a fuss over just a crepe, I’d love to take someone like her down to Balmain to try out the crazy shit that Zumbo makes like Salted Popcorn Macaron or a 8 Layer Chocolate Cake. Just a cake she would say. And if you ever come down to Sydney, make sure to vis. Zumbo is a sadistic wanker on Master Chef Australia but damn he does deliver his promise of being a Madman Patissiere.